End of Month Column - April

So once again my journalism skills that are non-existent will be put to work even though it is already 4 days late. This month the server was revamped to make multiple different servers surrounding the current one which is called the "Community Hub" there is now a text channel in the Info section that allows you to choose from a list of guild discords currently the only one we offer and it is also our main focus right now would be the "Bless Online" Guild led by Cloud Winfield hop in if you're interested in joining. I also messed with the colors with help from Ambi for a solid 2 hours this month.



Once again thank you to the people who keep us going!

- FatMike with his Tier 5 Patreon support. Go check out his stream featured in the Streamers section of the website.

Special Congratulations 

Our other Admin, Kyle, has placed 3rd in state with his 4x8 team and is moving on the national track competiton later this year so wish him good luck if you have the opportunity!