End of Month Column - March

This month was a great month with the website being created and all the new members, game announcements, and news within the community.

First off I would love to thank a major contributor to the Website "TheFatMike" with him also being a Tier 5 Sub over on the patreon! He has been playing a vital role in the community lately and I highly encourage you to go check him out on twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/thefatmike.

This End of Month column will be cut short as I myself am not such a good journalist. Cheddy our Community Admin will be taking over soon until we find a official Eclipse Gaming Reporter. If you are interested in the position please let me know over on Discord!

We are also looking for some graphic design work for more banners for the sight looking to replace the stock image banners at the top of each page please message me on Discord with any ideas or suggestions you have!