How To Donate

Currently there are two easy ways to donate to help run the Eclipse Gaming Community! One way is to become a monthly Patreon Subscriber and get featured in the monthly updates in the Eclipse Gaming News. The second way is to make a direct donation of any amount you wish, this will also get you featured in the news for the month you donate!



Patreon is a simple way for you to contribute through a monthly subscription to the community. Patreon subscribers will be featured in our monthly update in the news section! You will also receive a special rank in the discord with a colored name as well!



This is an easy way to donate any amount you want, and you will be featured in that months news update! You may also make a monthly donation through Paypal, and of course if you do you will be featured each month you are subscribed just like the Patreon members. Although we would recommend Patreon over Paypal for the monthly donation as the patreon subscribers get the cool Discord role and colored name!