How the discord works

The Eclipse Gaming Hub Discord is as the name suggests a Hub for all of our activities as to prevent clutter in the discord the only form of member communication is the General Voice channels. We do this as to allow people who want to talk about a game join the guild server for that respective game and talk among others whom are fans of the game. The Hub is where you go to view the general rules of the community, join the guild servers, partake in events in the voice server or event channels including things like giveaways as well as other fun activities, and even just chill out and listen to music in the music lounge!


The guilds we have are specific games that have Guild Leaders and designated members whom have joined that game specifically. These groups are joined through the guild_discords channel in our Discord. The guilds all have in game groups as well that have a common goal of progressing in the game together. The difference between the Community Hub and Guilds Discords is that the guilds are only present in games with a guild/clan functionality traditionally present in MMORPG. New Guilds are always welcome and if you think you have a good game idea pitch it to us in the Suggestions channel and we will consider adding it in as an official Eclipse Gaming Guild! All official Guilds can be found in the Guilds section on the website.